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Welcome to ExNoRa

ExNoRa stands for Excellent Novel and Radical, the largest environmental and civic movement founded by Dr. MB Nirmal in 1988. since 1988 ExNoRa is in the service of ENVIRONMENTAL protection to save HUMANITY and the PLANET.

In the last 25 years since ExNoRa was started more than 1.5 hundred thousands of steets, schools,colleges, slum areas have become, clean, green, safe and model. All these achieved by use of SOCIAL CAPITAL.

ExNoRa provides resolution to every challenging ENVIRONMENTAL and SOCIETIAL as many as 1000 tested/ proven practical and down to earth answers.

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Web Wonder World ExNoRa's Service Gallery, The only answer
to solve all the problems is PEOPLE'S PARTICIPATION.
The best ASSET is Social Capital.

"Mother Earth, We Salute You have been taking care of us. Now the time has come for us to take care of you. We pledge ourselves to do it"


Initiative EXNORA
August 21, 2015
Free Siddha hospital
April 3, 2015
green city green life
October 9, 2014
Free Dental Camp
August 22, 2014
Quality life on dialysis
August 21, 2014


Nithin: I a enthusiastic student of Social Work, interested and experienced in serving people by enriching their knowledge and skill on social, environmental and Health aspect by associating with enthusiastic organizations.
19 days ago
Dr. S. Bhaskar: Hello, I interested to serve on health related awareness camp on Naturopathy treatments and yoga, if any of you arrange such camp I am ready to serve, I have experienced BNYS,BAMS, BSMS Doctors in my hospital, Welcome and spread awareness
184 days ago
Gagan Polanki: Hello everybody, I have created of 3 video series...'The Science of Healing', 'The Science of Happiness' and 'The Science of Enlightenment'. I am on MISSION to Teach Free Natural Healing to the people of India. I conduct Free workshops.
344 days ago



Why Join Exnora?

Help the environment to help you. 'Make the "WORLD of WASTE as WORLD of WEALTH" Learn to transform "WASTE as WEALTH," TRASH as CASH", MUCK as LUCK & LITTER can GLITTER."

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Satellite Organisation

open satellite org / 2 members

Nilgiris Exnora

Nilgris Exnora launches vimochanam a helpline for distressed women which has received huge response and appreciation from public .

open satellite org / 2 members

Sukuki Exnora

SUKUKI established in 1995 is a team of professionals drawn from various fields with an intent of making a positive contribution to the quality of life around us.

closed satellite org / 1 members

say NO to PlaStiC BagS

let us use cloth bags or paper bags

open satellite org / 4 members

ExNoRa Borda Program

Bremen Overseas South Asian Association for Research and Development

open satellite org / 17 members

Youth ExNoRa InterNational

Harnessing the Youth Power