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ASK you will get, an unbilievable Way to Get what you want Doosra

MOSQUITO MENACE Bowl a DOOSRA called “ASK” & a Wonder Lamp !!

Administrator 1585 days ago

prEVENT - PREVENT Mosquito Breeding without Chemicals by NIL Water Stagnation & This is The Best

“prEVENT” Mosquito Breeding sans Chemicals by NIL Water Stagnation. Make PrEVENTion always an EVENT

Administrator 1585 days ago

Mustquito and MustQuito Musketeers. Concept by - 7th Sense Master

Introduction. Chapters are in the order of priority

Administrator 1585 days ago

PROPAGATE at Zero Budget & NIL Cost . Make it a MOVEMENT

Hold periodical BRAIN STORMING SESSIONS & Round Tables of “Must QUIT o ExNoRa” in which all “ExNoRa Mosquito Musketeers” will participate & chalk out plan of action

Administrator 1585 days ago

The ORGANISATION MustQUITo for Administration & License

The organisation : “MustQUITo ExNoRa” Members : “ExNoRa Mosquito Musketeers” Office-bearers : President , Secretary , Treasurer & 7 Directors Activity Head : “ExNoRa Mosquito Musketeers” “Muster Head”

Administrator 1585 days ago

preVENT Entry to Home by Door control &Window Net

The three based is on “PREVENTION is better than CURE”. Interestingly all the three solutions are hidden in the word PREVENT itself

Administrator 1585 days ago

Weeeeeeeeee, The All Great Collectivism to COLLECT Success

MOSQUITO MENACE Bowl BODYLINE, “WEEEEEE”. COLLECTIVISM is any philosophic, political, religious, economic, or social outlook that emphasizes the interdependence of every human being. COLLECTIVISM is a basic cultural element that exists as the reverse of INDIVIDUALISM in...

Administrator 1586 days ago

KNOW - Know NOW The word “KNOW” itself has “NOW”

KNOW - Know NOW The word “KNOW” itself has “NOW”. Therefore KNOW ALL ABOUT MOSQUITOES NOW

Administrator 1586 days ago

Know the DISEASES that Mosquitoes can bring

The DISEASES that Mosquitoes can bring Attend the players’ sicknesses. They are malaria, filaria, dengue, brain fever and yellow fever. Yellow fever is caused by mosquitoes in jungle areas in parts of Africa and South America.In India,...

Administrator 1586 days ago

KNOW THE SOURCES of Mosquito Breeding

KNOW THE SOURCES of Mosquito Breeding & Focus on the MAIN SOURCE.

Administrator 1586 days ago