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Tags: environment, healthcare, education, awareness based projects

263 days ago


Tags: envoirnment, education, child nutrition

829 days ago

Student Resource Force

The time of life when a person is young,especially the time before a child becomes an adult. The terms youth,adolescent,teenager and young person are interchanged,often the meaning is the same,occasionally differentiated. Youth generally refers to a time of life that is neither childhood nor...

Tags: student resource force, exnora, education, environment protection

2272 days ago

ExNoRa University

Exnora International Foundation has decided to launch Exnora for universities to sensitize the youth on issues of environmental protection and management.   The main objective of this programme is to educate learners in the institutes of higher education about their immediate environ...

Tags: exnora university, exnora, education, environmental protection

2272 days ago

Student ExNoRa

Student Exnora Programme (Step) was launched by Exnora in 1994, when an activity-oriented book was introduced to create environmental awareness among school children at the eighth standard level. The Step programme consists of both classroom and field activities. The students undergo classroom...

Tags: student exnora, exnora, education, environmental awareness, student participation

2272 days ago