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Nilgiris Exnora

Nilgiri district is known for the Ooty hill station and vast tea estates. The fall of tea industry in this area due to import of cheaper tea, has thrown thousands of local villagers out of livelihoods. The district has 35 villages, with a minimum of 20 hamlets in each.  

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1599 days ago

District ExNoRa

District ExNoRa includes the states in TamilNadu,Puducherry and Andhra Pradesh. ExNoRa is being co - operated by the people in their respctive districts. People got awareness of waste to wealth. Students also get involved with these activities.  

Tags: district exnora, exnora, waste to wealth, awareness, campaign, social service

1627 days ago

Green Pammal

Dumping of solid waste on the streets was very much prevalent in Pammal In the year 2006 the civic movement emerged as an NGO in the name of ExNoRa Green Pammal (EGP) Provided technical consultancy for effective SWM implementation to Pammal Municipality EGP is implementing SWM in the enti...

Tags: green pammal, exnora, waste management, zero waste, garbage free

2272 days ago

RWA ExNoRa Club

100% Social Mobilisation ensuring Social Contribution which in no time was getting converted as Social Capital. The whole exercise has resulted in the "so-far-non-participant residents" taking active part in the collective mission of the street / residential colony The street has knowledg...

Tags: rwa exnora club, exnora, social mobilisation, volunteers, social contribution

2272 days ago

7th Sense Society

To help one to discover and utilise the hidden reservoir of one’s brain resource, for oneself and the organization one belongs to. To train the mind in the techniques of creativity and innovations. To guide one to programme his brain and reprogramme others. To learn to do the...

Tags: 7th sense, seventh sense, exnora, 7t's, training, mind programming

2272 days ago

Soap Box Speakers ExNoRa

Good messages need propagation. When it is done through public speaking it is taken to much larger section. There are very many good messages need to be shared. Of course the most important today is awareness on Global Warming. No one is born as a good orator. Soap Box Speakers' ExNoRa afford...

Tags: soap box speakers exnora, exnora, public speaking, self improvement

2272 days ago

Transport Simply City

Ride the bus or train Buy a monthly pass Demand better buses and trains Demand punctual and improved service Demand courteous behaviour from crew Demand expansion of public transport Good public transport is your RIGHT      

Tags: transport simply city, exnora, transportation, simply city

2272 days ago

ExNoRa Climate Changers

Climate change is not just an environmental problem but also a social, economical and political issue, adversely affecting every living being on the surface of our Planet . We should understand the seriousness of the phenomenon and work towards protecting the earth from the dangers of global ...

Tags: exnora, exnora climate changers, global warming, awareness

2272 days ago

ExNoRa Cloth Bank

There are three basic needs – food, clothing and shelter. Providing shelter is difficult and time-consuming because it involves acquiring land and meeting a lot of legal requirements. Basic objective is to collect clothes from people who no longer need them and distribute these clothes...

Tags: exnora cloth bank, exnora, providing clothes, cloth bank

2272 days ago

Sen - Citizen ExNoRa

Sen-Citizen ExNoRa offer mentor-ship to the Youth ExNoRa and Student ExNoRa. Most of the Sen-Citizen ExNoRa are exnora members right from its inception. They have made many voluntary sacrifices to save the environment.  

Tags: sencitizen exnora, exnora, voluntary sacrifices, save environment

2272 days ago